Free Entrance

People with accredited disabilities and their carers/assistants have free access to the museum.


We have a public lift with a capacity for 13 people; the numbers and directory are visual and also in braille. The lift has glass doors with a mirror on the opposite wall so that any incidents can be detected from the outside. We also have a large capacity lift which can be used by groups of wheelchair users in order to make their museum visit smoother and easier; a member of the museum staff always accompanies such groups.

Rest Areas

On each floor, and also within exhibitions, there is at least one rest area with chairs and seats.

Information desk

The staffed information desk is in the entrance hall; the staff will give all the information needed about all the services, areas and museum programme.

Location Plans

At the information desk and at the information hub on each floor (where one exits from the stairs, lift and ramp) there is a tactile plan, with audio description, which contains a directory of the whole of the building; in addition it gives a plan of floor spaces and services on that particular floor.


For cloakroom services with accessible lockers ask at the information desk.

Physical Accesibility


The museum is wheelchair accessible from the street and all the circulatory spaces within the museum are wide and accesible.

Information desk

Part of the information desk has been specifically designed to allow correct wheelchair access


There are accessible toilets on all floors of the museum with integrated wash basins in the same cabin. In the majority of cases there are also baby changing facilities.


The ramp that joins the ground floor with floor one is totally accessible with stretches of 8 metres to 8% of slope interspersed with landings. It has handrails on both sides at different heights.


The access doors to the building are automatic. The toilets have swing doors except on floor one where the access door is a sliding door and inside the cabins the doors are swing doors with grip handles.


In addition to the 13 person capacity lift we have a lift with a capacity for 48 people, or 3500kg, to enable the swift movement of groups with several wheelchairs.

Visual Accesibility

Orientation Plans/Guided maps

At the information desk and at the information hub on each floor (at the exit for the stairs, lift and ramp) there are tactile plans with audio description, braille text and large type. These plans contain a directory of the whole of the building together with a plan and services on that particular floor.


There is a distinct contrast between the colours of the walls and the doors. The museum entrance doors are automatic and are marked in white for ease of correct identification.

Guided dogs

Está autorizada la entrada al museo de perros guía y de asistencia. Disponen, en la entrada del museo, de servicio de abrevadero y pipí-can..


The spaces in the museum are well lit and the furniture contrasts with the floors and walls. The museum signage is in very contrasting large type text with pictograms.

Audio accesibility

Magnetic loop

For those with hearing aids or cochlear implants, the museum has available magnetic loop at the information desk and in Room A..

LSE (Spanish Sign Language)

On the city route panels and in the museum there are QR codes that connect to videos with Spanish sign language (LSE). Given 15 days’ notice, the museum can provide LSE services for each museum activity.

Sound resources

All of the museum resources that have audio include subtitles, written text and/or LSE video.

Accesibility for people with learning difiiculty


The museum spaces are very open and well lit; there is visual communication between the different floors and through the glass thereby reducing any sensation of claustrophobia. In addition there is clear signage for exits on all floors and access to the different spaces and services with large type, contrasting text and pictograms.