In this occasion, in the showcase of novelties, we relate two very different pieces that speak to  specific moment in the history of navigation. Between 1840 and 1900, large ships began to operate by steam, but they still maintained their sails as a "plan b". It was a few decades but at Vilamuseu we have several examples of this mixed navigation.

The graffiti extracted by our technicians from the attic of a house in Almirante Cervera Street No. 5 in La Vila Joiosa shows us one of these ships. We placed it around 1875 by other graffiti that appear on the wall. At this time the port of Villajoyosa was very active, as it was the point of departure for Alcoy's manufactures, mainly fabrics and cigarette paper, which went to the colonies of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

The other piece on display comes from the La Barbera dels Aragonés House Museum. It is an English cookie box from 1885, from the famous Huntley & Palmers factory in Reading. Because of its nautical theme decoration, the box is called "sea dogs", lobos de mar in English. In several scenes these mixed vapors appear, like graffiti, with candles and fireplaces. 


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