After the last exhibition Sea dogs, Vilamuseu renews the news showcase with a new exhibition called Vilajoiosa, the last city to fall: Two projectiles, two wars. We will be showing two projectiles from two of the most important wars in the history of our city. Together with those pieces we can also find other objects related to one of these wars.

La Vila Joiosa was one of the key points during these two events in our history. Therefore it’s not surprising to find some remains. In the showcase there are two artillery pieces displayed. The first one is a stone bullet from the Guerra de Germanies (Rebellion of the Guilds), because the “agermanats” moved to the city to defend Orihuela. When Orihuela had already fallen, the “agermanats” moved to escape from La Vila, and we think that this stone bullet could have fallen while they were escaping.

The other projectile found is an iron bomb from the First Carlist War (c. 1708). According to our researches, it could have been released by the Bourbon side towards the city. The bomb we have nowadays is totally preserved because it could have lost the wick while being thrown and remain embedded in the Captain’s house, without ever exploding. Placed next to this piece, the visitors can see the reproductions of a uniform and other elements, which helps us to learn more about this war conflict.

With both of these objects, which will be on display in the news showcase until January 10th, we can learn more of these historical events that happened in La Vila Joiosa.


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