In this dramatized visit visitors have to help a character from the Iberian era to fulfill their mission. She tells them everything she knows about clothing, dyes, cosmetics and jewelry both of her culture and of the Romans. The character is placed around the year 45 BC, when the Iberian city already belonged to Rome for a century and a half, so that both cultures coexisted. It is, therefore, a very participatory, fun and sensory visit the whole family will enjoy.

The new exhibition 'Slaves of Beauty. Dress and personal adornment in Antiquity' is dedicated to dress, image and personal care in the different cultures of Antiquity through archaeological pieces found in Villajoyosa. There are also scenographies, replicas of pieces, costumes, hairstyles , etc. about life from the Phoenician colony to the Roman city of Allon.

Schedule: Sunday at 11:30 am. 
Price: 2 € 
Reservation: 609 771 110 /