The Generalitat gives the Local Council a grant of 16.000 euros for Vilamuseu

They are destined to the promotion of collections and activities, modernization, conservation, equipment and adaptation of facilities.
In both grants, the maximum provided in the call has been granted, 6000 and 10,000 euros respectively. The first of the grants requested by the City Council has been destined to provide means to the wide inclusive educational offer of Vilamuseu, elaborated according to criteria of universal design and by educational cycles according to the characteristics of each school stage. To achieve this, stationery and DIY materials, essences for the dispensers of historical scents in the exhibitions and fabrics to make reproductions of antique garments for the exhibition itself and others for the public to try on have been purchased.
Likewise, funds have been used for the urban advertising of Vilamuseu and monuments and the Moors and Christians Fiestas of Villajoyosa in Benidorm, Alicante and the Alicante Airport. Finally, virtualization and 3D printing of four key pieces of the Vilamuseu archaeological collection have been made to complete the tactile offer of the exhibition ‘Slaves to beauty', which will remain open to the public for two years, and which shows in a very accessible, understandable and funny way the evolution of masculine and feminine fashion during the last 2700 years of history of the civilizations that lived in the current Villajoyosa.
The second grant aims at several objectives. First of all, optimize the storage of amphorae, given that Vilamuseu receives the deposit of large-volume underwater funds, especially the Bou Ferrer wreck. The capacity of storage of complete amphoras in palletized shelves has been tripled up to 39 linear meters, and an innovative and ecological vertical storage system has been developed by boxes made by Vilamuseu itself of wooden pallets. A single shipwreck excavation campaign can provide more than 100 complete amphoras. To be able to handle the boxes, each of which weighs about 250 kg when loaded, a stacker has been acquired to raise them to the second floor of the shelves.
Likewise, a watertight methacrylate restoration hood has been created so that two people can work simultaneously on the restoration of the lead ingots of the wreck, a very delicate task due to the presence of numerous imperial seals, but also due to the toxicity of lead , which in this way can be manipulated without any risk to health.
It has also been acquired a number of mobile walls for the exhibition spaces of Vilamuseu, the electrical installation has been made that allowed to occupy the floor 1 with the temporary exhibition ‘Slaves to Beauty', and pedestals for pieces in showcases and some monitors TV for exhibitions have been purchased.