Posidonia and Climate Change, from Instituto de Ecología Litoral, in Vilamuseu

In Vilamuseu, from 10 January 2020 to 2 February 2020, there will be an exhibition entitled "Posidonia and Climate Change" from the Instituto d'Ecologia Litoral (Institute of Coastal Ecology)
The exhibition, through the use of 10 panels, explains the basic concepts of climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect, the importance of the Posidonia grasses... and where the principal effects of climate change are seen in the marine environment, the beaches and the local economy. In addition, through eight sections involving the interactive part of the exhibition, one can do some educational work on some of the exhibition content.
Guided visits for groups can be arranged through the Concejalía de Medio Ambiente (Tel: 966508283)
On Thursday 9 January at 7.00pm in the conference room of VILAMUSEU there will be an inaugural presentation of the exhibition "Posidonia and Climate Change"
Presenter: Dr. Alejandro Triviño Pérez. Researcher from the Instituto de Ecologia Litoral
Title: The protection of the coast from climate change
Summary: The effects of climate change are beginning to be felt on our coasts. Under these circumstances, the application of management methods is required which are aimed at the adaptation of the coastal environment where the change is evident. The conservation of these oceanic Posidonia grasses, as well as sound management  of the dead seaweed that comes ashore are two key elements  for the adaptation and relief of the occurrences of coastal erosion linked to climate change.