Tradition and urban art on the International Museum Day

This 18th May we will celebrate the Internation Museum Day, which theme this year is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition”. This is why we have wanted to pay homage to the book “Al trencall del maror”, published in 1985 and reedited in 2013. This work contains stories, sayings and songs of Villajoyosa’s oral tradition, which were passed generation after generation and won’t be lost thanks to the efforts of the authors who collected, ordered and published this material.
Thursday,16th May at 19 hours a round table with Malena Soler, Àngela Sellés, Toni Lloret and Pepi Lloret will take place in Vilamuseu. José Piqueras will act as moderator. In this event we will have the chance to reflect on the past, present and future of “Al trencall del maror” with its author.
On the other hand, the illustrations of the book were created by Felip Baldó (Villajoyosa, 1947 – Godella, Valencia, 2007), a painter, draftsman, illustrator and editor of dozens of publications, whose works will be in Vilamuseu this June, in a monographic exhibition curated by José Piqueras.
The illustrations of “Al trancall del maror” will be the starting point for a plastic intervention performed by Fèlix Gordero and Juan Aragonés, which will take place in the glass front wall of Vilamuseu. Gordero and Aragonés are two artists from Villajoyosa, graduated in the Arts School of Miguel Hernández Altea University, who now live in Villajoyosa and La Nucía. In their work they unite illustration, design and other plastic techniques, but urban art is the central point of their work. Despite drawing inspiration from the traditional concepts of urban art, they employ a global point of view, not limiting their works to the street art expressions. Similarly, they occasionally change the streets for the museums, galleries or artistic centres, without abandoning their origins.
This intervention will take place Saturday the 18th at 14.30 hours and it will be accompanied by a DJ set with urban music performed by Sonilodé. On the other hand, Colón street will be pedestrian from Barranquet street to Canalejas street for the whole day, and shopping or consuming in the business establishments situated in this part of the street will be rewarded with free tickets for the museum. The tickets can be enjoyed in future occasions, since entrance to the Vilamuseu will be free during the whole weekend.