An archaeological discovery at the restoration lab

Sometimes the discovery of a piece does not occur in the field but in the restoration laboratory. These are moments of surprise and excitement for the whole team.
In a grave in the cemetery of Casetes in Villajoyosa appeared a bronze dough that had melted when burned with the corpse. The restorer extracted and moved it very carefully on a rigid bed to Vilamuseu. You never know what can appear in these deformed metal jumbles, and you have to take a lor of care with them.
When cleaning it in the laboratory, buttons, hooks were appearing ... After a difficult restoration, here we have this 6th c. BC clasp, very similar to the one we found in tomb 17 at the other great ancient cemetery of Villajoyosa, that of Poble Nou. It was buried next to a bronze mesh that the heat of the fire melted, hiding it. The intense heat deformed the hooks and twisted the piece, but the magic of the restorer has even allowed to recover part of its decoration of points and lines.