At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the people of Scandinavia launched a campaign to help the Frente Popular. People rallied around the cause and gathered money to send, mainly, food and medicines to Spain. But the collaboration went beyond that and the Alcoy Swedish/Norwegian Hospital was established to tend to injured soldiers.

After the bombing of Alcoy by the Italian Airforce the hospital was evacuated and the interns with Doctor Bastos at the head were transferred to La Vila Joiosa; from June 1938 a blood hospital was established in the Grupo Escolar Doctor Álvaro Esquerdo, the current site of Vilamuseu. La Villa Giacomina, located at Malladeta, was the home of Doctor Bastos and his family.

In this exhibition the story is told of the international solidarity shown to the Spanish people with stunning photographs and with some original pieces such as the military uniform of Einar Pettersen, the Norwegian doctor who was the Director of the hospital.