Time has stood still in this country house which was at the height of its splendour in the 19th century.
La Barbera is a 17th century country house; it was converted in the 19th century into a romantic mansion with furnishings and rich personal wardrobe items from very different backgrounds. In fact, there are a lot of objects from Britain such as crockery, biscuit boxes favoured by the British Royal Family and furniture featured in the London Exhibition of 1851.
La Barbera was owned by the Aragonés family which has an exciting history. Amongst its members we find important politicians, military personnel and members of the clergy. It is said that there are some that still live in the house...



Individuals without reservation: from Tuesday to Saturday at 13.00.
Groups (more than 10 people): other times can be arranged; previous reservation is essential.
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Languages: Valencian, Spanish and English
Address: La Barbera dels Aragonés
c/ Huit de maig s/n
Price: 1,5 €
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