The inauguration of the Villajoyosa University Campus in Vilamuseu

Villajoyosa has been successfully incorporated into the network of Alicante University campuses. The launch event of the new university extension took place before a gathering of more than 100 in Vilamuseu, where the campus logo was presented together with the programme of events for the next few months.
The Alicante University Dean, Manuel Palomar, and the local Mayor, Andreu Verdú, were given the honour of unveiling the plaque on the Vilamuseu facade.
Dean Palomar said “to open a university campus in Villajoyosa was an aspiration which today has come to fruition and it allows us to contribute all the expertise of Alicante University to Villajoyosa society and the whole of the district”. The dean also pointed out that the campus “has to be a useful operation for the local community and has to serve to address, through training and research, relevant issues for the fabric of society and the district economy as in the case of tourism and the application of new technologies”.
Andreu Verdú, Mayor of Villajoyosa, said “this university campus is of great importance to Villajoyosa. As well as involving a mutually beneficial synergy between both institutions, it is a recognition of the possibilities of the locality and to its calling to become an academic reference point in cultural heritage and to benefit from new technologies being implemented for tourism in the district”. Sr. Verdú also emphasised that this link with Alicante University allowed the municipality to benefit “not only in academic matters but also it will boost the economic, cultural and social development of Villajoyosa”.
Professor Jaime Ramis was the first to be engaged in, amongst other things, making public the campus
logo which was the result of a competition in which there were 30 entries. In his statement he said “the
campus has to acknowledge the social, cultural and economic personality of Villajoyosa and the district
and it should help us to prepare for the challenges that we face in our changeable society “In addition to the local Mayor and the President, there were in attendance members of Alicante University Management team and the Local Authority supported by Jesús Villar the Mayor of Sant Vicent del Raspeig and Herick Campos, the Valencian Community Director General of Tourism.
The string quartet of the Alicante University Philharmonic Orchestra closed the proceedings with several
music pieces.