Roman life in Villajoyosa

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Historic re-enactment is a way of giving life to the past in the most trustworthy way possible, using original dress and various objects made with original materials; in the same way documents are thoroughly studied and collaboration takes place with archaeologists and other specialists.
The re-enactment of Roman civil and military life is widespread in England and France and is spreading in Spain. For example, it is well developed in Cataluna, where, in May, one of the principal events of this type takes place. It is called Tarraco Viva (Tarraco, Tarragona, was the capital of the Roman Province of which Allon, La Vila, was a part.
For many years in Villajoyosa we have celebrated the festival Festum Alonis. Roman life in Villajoyosa. More information and the programme are available on http://www.vilamuseu.es/festumalonis-en
These quality, authentic events carry the public to another era within a tourist experience; that is very important today.

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Every Spring we celebrate "Festum Alonis. Roman life in Villajoyosa"