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    Festum Alonis (Eng)

    Roman life in the Marina Baixa region

Festum Alonis

  • marcha militar a la torre del charco
    Festum Alonis 15
  • colocando la toga a un magistrado
    festum alonis 3
  • formación en cuña
    festum alonis 4
  • gladiadores
    festum alonis 5
  • taberna
    Festum Alonis 6
  • matronas romanas
    Festum Alonis 7
  • marcha militar por la costa
    Festum Alonis 8
  • vigiles detienen a un ladrón
    Festum Alonis 9
  • gladiadores, civiles y legionarios
    Festum Alonis 10
  • formación en tortuga
    Festum Alonis 11
  • matrona, magistrado y esclavo con sombrilla
    Festum Alonis 13
  • Hispania Romana en la Torre de Sant Josep
    Festum Alonis 1
  • Entrenamiento al anochecer
    Festum Alonis 16
  • formación en tortuga
    Festum Alonis 17
  • combate de gladiadores
    Festum Alonis 18

Roman re-enactment Festival of Villajoyosa and Alfaz del Pi

FESTVM ALONIS (in Latin, "The party of Allon") is a free Roman festival that takes part every year thanks to an agreement between the City council of Villajoyosa and the Cultural Association Hispania Romana, dean of the Roman historical recreation in Spain.
In this event a Roman military camp ("castra") is faithfully recreated in different natural areas of Villajoyosa, to remember that camp installed in the center of actual Villajoyosa during the Sertorian Wars, around 75 aC. It is still the only Roman castra known in the Valencian Community. Everything in the camp reproduces faithfully the clothes, the weapons, the symbols, the daily objects of a legionary of the Legion VIIII Hispana, the famous "lost legion" whose trace is lost towards 130 AD in Noviomagus (Holland). Hispania Romana recreates the era of the Cantabrian Wars (29-19 BC).
Festum Alonis pays special attention to civilians, not just military life. Each year the public is shown aspects of daily life in Roman times such as social classes, trades, women's lives, children's games, etc.

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Festum Alonis X

20 April to 28 September Festum Alonis X: Eating and drinking in Rome    FESTVM ALONIS (Latin for “the feast of Allon”) is a historical re-enactment festival organised by the Town Councils of La Vila Joiosa and l’Alfàs del Pi, with the Hispania Romana Cultural Association, the Alicante university off…

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Festum Alonis VIIII

Roman life in the Marina Baixa region From April 27 to May 3, 2020   This year we changed our format due to the health alert. We will make a Festum Alonis through Instagram direct. Every day for a week we propose two talks between technical staff from Vilamuseu and…

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FESTVM ALONIS (in Latin, “the party of Allon”) it’s a historical recreation festival that recalls our Roman past. After seven editions, this year it becomes a regional event. The territorium of the Roman city of Allon currently comprises the region of the Marina Baixa. This year we have extensive programming…

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Festum Alonis VII

Festum Alonis VII, Roman life in Villajoyosa will take place on April 21 and 22, 2018.   (All the events will be translated into Spanish sign language and English. The presentation of the book will be only in its language of edition, Spanish)   Programme 2018   Saturday 21 April…

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