The Building

The Vilamuseu building was constructed in 2015. The architect was local man Tomás Soriano. It involves equipping 4500 square metres constructed mainly with funds from the Generalitat Valenciana's Confianza Plan with a municipal contribution. The old Álvaro Esquerdo School historicist style façade has been preserved (for more information about this style and the façade click here :)

The school was built in 1922, paid for by Doctor Álvaro Esquerdo, a medical doctor who was born in La Ermita (Villajoyosa).

Álvaro Esquerdo set up the gynaecology department in the Santa Creu hospital, Barcelona, as well as the Revista de Medicina y Cirugía (Medicine and Surgery Magazine). He was President of the Academia y Laboratorio de Ciencias Médicas